DIPLOMA Show 2022

DIPLOMA Show is a festival dedicated to the new generation of Romanian artists, architects and designers. Organized by The Institute, the festival takes place annually in Bucharest, Romania.

For the 9th edition of the festival, we aimed to create an identity system that could shine the light on the students’ work. The main element of the visual identity is the students’ projects, ranging from fashion, illustration, graphic design, ceramics, and architecture.

The brand typeface is CoType Foundry’s Aeonik; the perfect choice due to its extensive family, allowing us to use it across all the institution events and materials for the past year. 

Team:            Claudia Draghia, Sebastian Pren (pren.ro), Radu Manelici (radum.ro)
Client:           The Institute (institute.ro, diplomafestival.ro)
Typeface:     Aeonik by CoType Foundry

Claudia Draghia

Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Bucharest, Romania.
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